October 2010

Even the characters know the stakes just ain’t that high

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With a cast to die for, who wouldn’t expect big things from Red (Retired Extremely Dangerous)? Watching Dame Helen Mirren fire a bazooka while maintaining her queenly disposition is worth paying the admission fee, and Kiwi star Karl Urban is online movies suitably stony as Bruce Willis’ nemesis.

But this comedy-action flick has little else going for it than its red-hot leads. The film tries a bit too hard to be irreverent as it sends some of Hollywood’s elder online movies statesmen and women into the firing line, with scant regard for story. Usually that doesnt matter too much in a film that blows up half of its props but, here, it feels like a long-winded excuse for a back-patting exercise. The film’s two romances are implausible, the dialogue is drawn out with geriatric pauses and the constant funk soundtrack does little to make online movies sense of a plot more disjointed than Brian Cox’s knees.

Even the characters know the stakes just ain’t that high. They’ve done their dash as CIA agents, which means they have nothing to lose but it also online movies means no-one cares if Morgan Freeman walks out alive.

Red is not without its charms – John Malkovich’s turn as the too-quirky-not-to-have-been-wiped-out-by-now victim of extreme paranoia is endearingly mad, and Mary-Louise Parker seems still to be on Weeds – but it seems to think it’s funnier than it really is.

Comcast customers with a digital subscription

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The service, which was rolled out as a test last year, now offers nearly 150,000 video choices online for anytime viewing, the company said. If a laptop user wants to keep tabs on the latest antics of the Kardashians or the reality stars of Jersey Shore, that is now possible. Comcast customers can now view online current and classic online movies content from nearly 90 television and movie partners, and movies are available the same day as DVD release, Philadelphia-based Comcast said.

Comcast customers with a digital subscription online movies can visit the company's www.XfinityTV.com website, sign-in with their Comcast ID and password, and watch their favorite shows at no charge beyond their current monthly subscription rates, said Comcast, which added that a Comcast TV customer does not online movies also have to be a Comcast Internet service to access this site.

In a statement, Matt Strauss, senior vice president and general manager of Comcast Interactive Media, said, “Bolstered by the best content online movies from top programmers and rich tools to help personalize your TV viewing experience, we’ve created a destination that enables customers to watch, find, and manage their favorite shows and

movies anytime, anywhere.”

Earlier this year, Comcast rechristened many of its product offerings, including cable TV and Internet services, with the Xfinity brand name.

Recycling hair straighteners

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The first patented hair straighteners appeared in 1906 but the GHD model blew the nation away when it launched in 2001. Earlier this year, GHD, which stands for Good Hair Day was voted the UK’s number one fashion accessory of the decade. GHDs ghd hair straighteners are also no longer just gadgets for the girls with weeebuy reporting 31 per cent of straightener recycling queries coming from metrosexual males.

Recycling a mobile phone for cash is old news as the latest trend amongst British money savers is for recycling hair straighteners, say experts.

Since its launch in August, electrical recycling website weeebuy.co.uk, that gives cash for electrical appliances, has been inundated with requests ghd straighteners from GHD fans who want to recycle old ones. The website has responded by adding the item to its list of recyclable goods.

In March, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) added hair straighteners to the list of everyday items used to compile the Consumer Prices Index. Straighteners replaced the hair dryer, demonstrating the changing nature of shopping habits cheap ghd straighteners and new technology in the UK.

Chris Rogerson, co-founder of weeebuy.co.uk said: “Since weeebuy’s launch, GHDs have become the most searched for item on our website, so we soon realised we needed to add them to the list of top gadgets we recycle.”

Rogerson added: “With Christmas around the ghd mk4 corner, people will be at buying the latest straighteners for their daughters, mums, girlfriends and even sons. People are also looking at ways to get extra cash for Christmas, so, recycling old GHDs is the perfect answer. With weeebuy we want to make sure these unused GHDs don’t end up in landfill a few years down the line when they could be recycled now.”


Take a look at all of RubyBingo’s Bingo Games

By online games - October 26th, 2010, 16:20, Category: General

RubyBingo.com is a superb online bingo site. It’s got such a sunny atmosphere, and all the people who play there really love doing so. It’s full of games free games and special things going on. The prizes are generous, and as bingo is a game of luck you could win just as easily as the next person. Take a look at all of RubyBingo’s Bingo Games – there are so many there that there’s bound to be one or two that take your fancy!

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Both 90 and 75 ball bingo games are available at RubyBingo.com. You’ll probably like them both if you try them. If you’ve played before in real browser games life bingo halls then you’ll probably have mainly played the 90 ball version. This is the one where you play for a line, then two lines and then a full house. 75 ball is where you usually play to fill a pattern – it’s the bingo game that’s come over from the States.

As well as RubyBingo’s Bingo Games take a look at their other games. It can get a little tedious sometimes when you just play the same games web game all the time, so the fact that there are other games on offer at Ruby too which makes the place even better. There are loads of side games, and you can just click through to see a list of them. One is called Chinese Kitchen, which is a 9 reel video slot game, and is really fun. Another is called Lotto Madness, which is a whopping 20 line slot game.


By online games - October 25th, 2010, 15:49, Category: General

Peter Molyneux, the fabled lead designer of the role-playing video game franchise Fable, finds himself playing an uncomfortable role: anxious parent.

His latest creation, Fable III— a fantasy adventure in which you wield swords and sorcery to become a king or queen — faces some legendary competition free games on its release today ($60, for the Xbox 360, rated M for ages 17-up). "I am very, very, very nervous and worried because it is an incredibly busy time," Molyneux says.

Recent big-name releases such as Halo: Reach, Medal of Honor and Fallout: New Vegas already command shelf space. Two more hugely awaited releases are out today: Rock Band 3 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. On the way: an expected blockbuster in Call of Duty: Black Ops on Nov. 9 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on Nov. 16.

GAME HUNTERS: See a video test-drive of 'Rock Band 3'

"And we have Kinect (Microsoft's Xbox 360 hands-free flash games controller add-on, out Nov. 4) as well," Molyneux says. "I worry about my baby Fable in that crowd. You know, it is like sending a kid out to a school where the classroom is really crowded."

So far, the Fables have held their own. The first two games, released in 2004 and 2008, have sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. For this latest entry, Molyneux and his London-based Lionhead Studios embrace the evolving social gaming landscape.

More than two months ago, those who pre-ordered the game could go online to create a customized character that would — having been transferred into their copy of Fable III via Xbox Live — make an appearance as they played. Earlier this month in Europe, Lionhead and Microsoft released a free smartphone game called Fable III: Kingmaker. Similar to browser games location-based social networking site Foursquare, Kingmaker lets players choose a side in the war within Fable III— either rebel or loyalist. As more people on each side check in, they secure territory.

"You are fighting this war by checking in on your phone," Molyneux says. "You could go up to an area, say in London, and there might be some buried treasure, which you could find by checking in. … That's all great game play, and every time you do it, you are earning gold, (and) when you buy your 360 game, you can have wealth before you start playing."

The oft-honored Molyneux, winner of awards for his "god games" of creation such as Populous and Black and White, has designs on even more game cross-pollination.

"I love this idea that it is not just a game you play on the 360, you can play wherever you are on whatever device you like. I love that idea as a designer," he says. "If we start to ignore this revolution, where technology is being embraced by everyone, then we are web game going to die like a dodo."

Technological upheaval is part of the story in Fable III, which takes place in the fictitious land of Albion, a stand-in for England in the Industrial Revolution. The original Fable had your character, a young boy, mature into a hero. Hailed for its blend of action and role-playing elements, the first Fable gave players the freedom to develop their character as they wished, based on how they made their character act.

EuroMillions jackpot winner decides to remain anonymous

By online games - October 24th, 2010, 18:08, Category: General

The winner of the UK's largest ever lottery win has decided to remain anonymous, with no details regarding their £113,019,926 jackpot to be made public

Camelot on Thursday confirmed that the ticket holder, who won free games the jackpot on October 8th and became the biggest ever jackpot winner in the United Kingdom, had decided against going public after earlier in the week giving it consideration.

A Camelot spokeswoman on Wednesday had revealed that over 1,000 lost ticket claims had been made relating to the £113m prize, including claims from some people who admitted to not even knowing whether the ticket they mislaid matched the flash games winning numbers.

This Friday's EuroMillions jackpot is an estimated £25m, while Saturday's National Lottery top prize is set to be around £13m after nobody won Wednesday night's midweek lottery.

JackpotCity.com and JackpotCity Mobile Casino are owned and operated by The Carmen Media Group, a global gaming and entertainment group which was browser games incorporated in Gibraltar and formed in 2002 out of the Demmy Group of companies. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tower Rock Ltd which is licensed in Gibraltar to operate casinos and multiplayer poker in the online domain, and all flagship casino brands have been awarded the eCOGRA seal of approval.

Carmen Media products and online gaming brands are web game promoted through the industry leading gaming affiliate program ReferBack, thereby affording its partners opportunities to market English, French, Italian, German and Spanish products.

Announces Kinect Augmented Reality Title

By online games - October 21st, 2010, 22:44, Category: General

THQ and Blitz Games Studios today announced Fantastic Pets, a Blitz Games-developed augmented reality game for Microsoft's Kinect that will show live video of players interacting directly with on-screen virtual animals.

Developed by the studio's family-focused Blitz Games division, the game, due in March 2011, will reportedly allow players to use voice and motion commands flash games to play with personalized virtual pets.

"Fantastic Pets offers an incredibly high level of interactivity, creativity and originality," said Martin Good, Executive Vice President for THQ Kids, Family, Casual Games, and Global Online Services. "As you discover your pet's personality and browser games become enmeshed within the world, Fantastic Pets becomes more like a personalized adventure and less like a game."

Most games demonstrated so far for Microsoft's upcoming camera-based Kinect controller have neglected to show the player's actual image and environment on screen, instead opting for avatars that respond to the player's real world movements, or outlines tweb game hat indicate the player's position in real space.

Microsoft Game Studios' virtual pet simulation Kinectimals, which will launch alongside Kinect in the U.S. on November 4, lets players interact with on-screen animals with real-world motions but does not show the player on screen.

Sony's recently released EyePet: Move Edition, on the other hand, shows players on-screen as they use the Move controller to interact with a virtual free browser games pet using a number of handheld items. The game has received mixed reviews from critics, with a current score of 72 on review aggregation site MetaCritic.

Fantastic Pets joins two other THQ-published titles planned for Kinect: launch title The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout and UFC Trainer, due in January 2011.



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